File Identifier




Identify the file extension of unknown files


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How many times have you found any file without extensdion? That can be a problem, because you don’t know the program you must use to open it.

If you usually work with a lot of files, this problem may be part of your daily matters.

File Identifier can be the solution for your problems. It is an application based on the Windows file interpreter. Nowaays it doesn’t have an interface.

Throughout some parameters we can obtain the fileformat of a file without extension.

How to use? You have to copy the ’unknown’ files into the ’bin’ folder which is created when you unpack the doewnloaded file. The following step is to access to the file interpreter from 'run' option in the start menu, write ’cmd’ and you will access it, At last, open the folder where file.exe is stored.

Once you are there, write the name of the program, followed by the name of the file you want to know the extesion. The data shown is the kind of file and the file extension.
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